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*Did you know: That if you don't enroll in Part B and Part D at the right time you can be charged a penalty every month for the rest of your life?!!

*Did you know: That there are one time opportunities for enrollment into Medicare?

*Did you know: That you can always switch from a Medicare Supplement Plan to a Medicare Advantage Plan, but you might not be able to switch from a Medicare Advantage Plan to a Medicare Supplement Plan?

*Do you know: That Medicare Supplement (Medigap) is completely different from Medicare Advantage (Part C)?

*Did you know: That there are ways to forecast every carriers' future price increases for their Madigap premiums?  

*Did you know: That the benefit of working with a Medicare Specialist  with "boots on the ground" knowledge and works with all Major Plans is that he or she will have knowledge that no other agent will have?

Examples of important information to know: *The size & span of networks, *Medicare preferences of doctors in the area, *Best Medicare companies to have plans with, *Best long term pricing for Medigap/ Medicare Supplement plans, *Best plans for pricing of your prescription drugs,  just to name a few.

Teleoperators, Captive Agents (Agents who work for only one company), and anyone else who is not an active agent will all major plans will never have the experience and information to serve their clients this way. 

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