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Where the Passion Begins


Terrie Martin

Medicare Specialist

Terrie is passionate about reducing the confusion & stress surrounding Medicare, & helping her clients get the very best medical coverage. 

There are a lot of moving parts in Medicare and Terrie sees to it that all of her client's very specific needs are met.

Terrie believes that Medicare is not a "one size fits all" system, that's where her unique skill set comes into play.

Her specialty is in the analysis of Medicare plans that maximize benefits while minimizing costs and financial exposure                                    (such as maximum out of pocket expenses).

She balances those requirements with the need to see specific doctors as well as the impact of chronic conditions. Terrie also runs a cost analysis on every client's prescription drugs to make sure they have the most cost-effective plan (prices can vary quite a bit between plans). Additionally, she checks the cost of her clients drugs with every pharmacy within a 5-mile radius so they will know where the greatest savings can be found.

There is NO CHARGE for her service. 

Terrie is a Nationally Certified Medicare Specialist with an emphasis in maximizing benefits and cutting costs.

Terrie holds a

B.S. in Economics

from Texas A&M University

which is why she is so well suited to run these kinds of analysis.

Terrie lives in Montgomery and has been a part of the community for

over a decade. She is a member of

Conroe United Methodist Church; her husband, Dante, is a Veteran; both of their sons are Eagle

Scouts; both are Honor Students; Terrie serves on the Board of The Montgomery County Aggie Moms Club.

Terrie enjoys volunteering as a Guest Speaker at Community Outreach Educational Medicare Workshops.  



Dante Matin

Insurance, Annuities, Estate Documents, Tax Free Income

Dante has an eye for growing your family wealth for retirement and creating tax free income. He feels strongly that everyone would benefit from having estate documents in place and that it's one of the greatest gifts you can leave your family with. He enjoys helping grandparents put plans in place that will secure their children's future - and because children have time on their side, insure that their grandchildren will be future millionaires. 

Dante is active in 105 Veterans, has been a Cub Scout leader, Boy Scout Leader, Member of Conroe United Methodist Church, and has helped build 27 churches in Central America, South America, and Mexico.

Dante has been married to Terrie Martin for 23 years and they have two sons, Dante and Owen. Both are Eagle Scouts and Honor Students.

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At life by design, we have an exceptional team of consultants with expertise in various areas.

We’re committed to helping you identify your goals for living a better life and devising a "do-able"plan that will help you achieve those goals.

We gladly help answer complex Medicare questions; give you useful, understandable information to help you feel comfortable with your decisions; help you identify all possible areas of vulnerability - in investments as well as insurance - and then shore up those deficiencies.

We'll be there along the way as "life happens" to ensure the comfort, peace of mind, and financial stability you and your family deserve. 

 We invite you to learn more about our talented professionals below.

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