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Couples: On Medicare? Save $1,000 this year! Here's how...

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

As of January 1st 2020 Supplement Plan F is no longer available. It was a terrific, benefit rich plan, but as it has an aging population, most of which are locked in due to health issues, the price has gone up & will definitely continue to do so.

For those that have Plan F and are in relatively good health you might consider changing to Plan G. The only difference in benefits between F & G is the $185 deductible for Pat B.

To see the possible savings, lets apply some math. If Plan F is $50 a month more than Plan G, that means that you will paying $600 a year more for F. We do need to subtract the $185 deductible that you will then have to pay for Part B. That looks like $50 x 12 months = $600; $600 - $185 = $415. That would be your savings for the first year. The saving will increase every year as the price of Plan F is guaranteed to escalate. Many couples are saving upwards of $1,000 this year by switching to Plan G.

It's important to change Supplement plans while you can because I sudden health event could lock you & make it impossible to make a change. Do not procrastinate.

What could you do with an extra $400 or even a $1,000 this year?

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