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Save Money Switching From Plan F to Plan G

This is an email I sent to clients analyzing the cost of this couple’s Medicare Supplement Plan F verses switching to Plan G.

Switching them to Plan G saved them $1,692.56 their first year! The savings will be exponential in the future.

Because Plan F has “been retired” many people think it’s “special” & they should stay in it. The fact is that Plan F is much more expensive than G & everyone who can get through the medical unwriting would save a great deal of money by switching.

While these numbers demonstrate a significant savings, the savings will only increase as the price of Plan F is scheduled to increase much fast than any other plan.

For privacy reasons I have replaced their names with “HUSBAND & WIFE” & have left other information blank.

Feel free to scroll down to see the actual numbers!


This is the Medicare Supplement Chart for you to look at. You'll see that the only difference between Plan F & Plan G is the Part B deductible - this year it was $198, this next year it's somewhere in the area of $203.

I've attached the government's chart to illustrate the difference between F & G. I'm also attaching the Enrollment Guides for the _________________ + Wellness as well as the new ________________Medicare Supplement without the wellness. To be clear, they both cover everything in the Medicare Chart that I am attaching, it's just that one gives "Wellness Benefits" - like a gym membership, set & the other doesn't.

I'm also attaching a link to a past article from Forbes discussing whether to enroll in Plan F or Plan G - I went out of my way to find an article that wasn't written by a Medicare brokerage company because I wanted to send an article from an impartial, well-respected entity. You'll note that this article was written prior to Plan F being retired & even back then it recommended enrolling in Plan G because there would be no new healthy enrollees to keep the price down.

It's worth noting that I have a client who wanted to enroll in Plan G last January, but had to enroll in Plan F because he had gotten both his Parts A & B prior to 2020. He'd had cancer & he could not get Plan G as a Guaranteed Issue (no medical underwriting) when he retired & left his employer's insurance. The only plan he could qualify for with Guaranteed Issue was the more expensive Plan F.

Everyone enrolling in Plan F now will have serious medical conditions which will contribute to the price increases you will be seeing.

I ran a quote for you for Plan G & I came up with $136.65 for you & $120.97 for WIFE. HUSBAND $1639.80 annually & WIFE $1451.64

As I mentioned, ______________ introduced a new streamlined version in October that has all of the medical coverage of Plan G but none of the extra wellness benefits such as the gym membership, etc.

The pricing I came up with for the ______ Plan G is $126 a month for you & $111.28 for WIFE.

This is essentially what the math looks like:

Plan F

HUSBAND: $207 X 12 = $2484 annually

WIFE: $225 X 12 = $2700 annually

Plan G

HUSBAND: $136.65 X 12 = $1639.80

WIFE: $120.97 X 12 = $1451.64

_______ Plan G without Wellness

HUSBAND: $126 X 12 = $1512

WIFE: $111.28 X 12 = $1335.36

Changing from Plan F to Plan G:

HUSBAND: $2484 - $1639.80 = $844.20 - $200 (Part B Deductible) = $644.20 savings annually

WIFE: $2700 - $1451.64 = $1248.38 - $200 (Part B Deductible) = $1048.36 savings annually

Combined Annual Savings: $1,692.56

Changing from Plan F to the new ______ Plan G without the Wellness Extras:

HUSBAND: $2484 - $1512 = $972 - $200 (Part B Deductible) = $772 savings annually

WIFE: $2700 - $1335.36 = $1364.64 - $200 (Part B Deductible) = $1164.64 savings annually

Combined Annual Savings: $1936.64

As an engineer I know you appreciate numbers - I know I do. Numbers make things "facts" & not opinions. While I'm always open to others' opinions, I want to see them borne out by facts. As they say, numbers don't lie.

I know it's a lot to take in. I hope this clarifies things for you. Let me know if you'd like to get together to go over this information or to enroll in one of the Plan Gs. I’m happy to help in any way!



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