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Medicare doesn't  have to be confusing. We're standing by to help you just like we've helped countless others. 

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Denise - The Woodlands, TX


I recently found myself in the position of navigating the Social Security/Medicare waters and can only say I wish I had found Terrie before diving in!  I relied heavily on information provided by my employee retirement system only to learn it was inaccurate or incomplete.  With so many different plans and things that need to be done upon retirement, I spent countless hours and numerous trips to agencies to get answers and figure it all out. 

I got Terrie’s name at a SS workshop I attended and after meeting with her the first thought I had was, “I wish I had met her about 2 months ago!”  Terrie’s level of expertise about Medicare and the plethora of Medicare plans is extraordinary.  In addition to her knowledge, she is very professional, but also very personable and easy to talk to!  She takes great care to explain the complexities of Medicare in a manner that is understandable to the average person.

What I also appreciate about Terrie is her honesty and integrity. When I showed her the plan I was being offered by my employer as a retiree she told me that is was a fantastic plan and advised me in no uncertain terms not to enroll in anything else because I would lose that plan forever. She told me not to ever let anyone talk me out of the plan I was being offered and made sure I knew why.

 When it comes time to invite Medicare into your life, I highly recommend calling Terrie before you jump in!!  You will save yourself a lot of time and anguish, not to mention meeting a very nice lady!

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