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Why Your Medicare Made Easy Is Different

1) We’ll explain Medicare in easy to understand language

2)  We’ll make sure you know how and when to enroll in Parts A & B.

3)  We’ll makes sure you know what documents to get from your employer when it’s applicable.

4)  We’ll keep you abreast of all of the deadlines, so you don’t incur penalties – that last a lifetime.

5)  We’ll run a Needs Assessment to help you determine which is better suited for you: Medicare Advantage or Medigap.

6)  From there, we’ll run a detailed analysis of all plans available in your area with all Major Carriers to determine which is/are best for your specific needs.

7)  For Part D Plans, we take a list of all of your prescription drugs, run a comparison with every plan in your area to find the most cost effect one. After we find the cheapest plan, we price your medications with every pharmacy within a 5 mile radius to ensure you know where the greatest savings can be found, so that you will be paying the lowest possible price on your prescriptions.

Sound Complicated? It is!!!

That’s why we jokingly say “Warning:

Leave this to trained professionals.

Do not attempt this at home!”

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Medicare Options I Can Help You With


Supplemental Insurance

"Pay As You Know"

Higher monthly premiums, but no Co-Pays, no Co-Insurance and no Maximum Out of Pocket Expenses.

Medicare Supplement allows you to know exactly how much you will be paying every year.

There is the added benefit of giving you the freedom to choose your doctors and hospitals because there are no Networks and no referrals are needed. 

Everyone is given a one-time opportunity to enroll in Medicare Supplement with guaranteed acceptance (no medical underwriting). If you miss this opportunity you can be denied because of an existing medical condition or you may be accepted, but at a much higher premium rate.  


Medicare Advantage
Part C

"Pay As You Go"

Lower monthly premiums (many times $0 or $15 - some higher), but has Co-Pays, Co-Insurance and Maximum Out of Pocket Expenses (usually several thousands of dollars).

This approach allows you to pay little if anything for monthly premiums, but you will pay along the way at the doctor's office, with lab work, diagnostics, hospitalization, ambulance, etc.

Medicare Advantage will be HMOs and PPOs, so you are limited to networks of doctors and hospitals. Not every hospital accepts Medicare Advantage so it's important to know that going in if you have a pre-existing condition or family history that may require you to see specific doctors or go to specific hospitals.

You can not be denied enrollment into Medicare Advantage. 

With so many Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans out there - each one of them different, it's incredibly important to know what benefits are being offered, what the Annual Maximum Out-of-Pocket Expenses are, and to be very familiar with the networks involved with each HMO & PPO so you can keep your doctor.


Part D

Prescription Drug Coverage

Most people would be shocked to find out the difference in price in prescription drugs based on different Part D Plans and different pharmacies.

We shop all major plans with your specific list of prescriptions, find the most cost effective plan according to your needs, then we price your prescriptions with all pharmacies within a 5 mile radius to find the absolute lowest price for you.

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Companies I Work With

Helping you select the very best plans for your specific needs.

We have hand selected the best companies in the industry to partner with to bring you the best coverage, service and peace of mind.


Free Educational Workshops

  • Town Hall Meeting - Your Medicare Made Easy
    Time is TBD
    Montgomery, 18501 FM 1097, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
    We all know how confusing Medicare is. I'll be giving important information for those Turning 65 & going into Medicare, Those Turning 65 & staying on Employee Health Plans, & those who are Retiring & transitioning into Medicare. Everything you need to know to make these 3 times easier & safe!

I'm On A Mission To Make Medicare Easy!

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Terrie Martin

Medicare Specialist

Terrie is on a mission to make Medicare easy. Her goal is to reduce the confusion and stress surrounding Medicare and to help her clients get the very best medical coverage. 

There is NO CHARGE for her services. 


Terrie holds a B.S. in Economics from Texas A&M University.

Terrie is a Nationally Certified Medicare Specialist with an emphasis in maximizing benefits and cutting costs.

Skill Set:

Her Specialty is in the analysis of Medicare plans that maximize benefits while minimizing costs and financial risk (such as maximum out of pocket expenses). She balances those requirements with the need to see specific doctors as well as the impact of chronic conditions.

Terrie runs a cost analysis on every client's prescription drugs to make sure they have the most cost-effective plan. Typically, she finds between $300 and $1,300 savings for her clients for the exact same drugs. The more drugs a person takes, the higher the likely hood for her to find even more savings because prices can vary so much between plans and pharmacies.

For that reason, after finding the best drug plan in an area she checks the cost of her clients’ drugs with every pharmacy within a 5-mile radius so they will know where the greatest savings can be found.

For Those Turning 65 And Going On Medicare:

Terrie will give you a step-by-step guide on how to enroll, what to do, timetables, provide necessary links, and checklists. She will also consult with you to find out what is important to you regarding your healthcare and explain the differences between Medicare Supplement (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage (Part C).

Once you’ve decided on a path, she will then shop all of the plans and provide you will all of the information and help you enroll.

For Those Over 65 Retiring And Leaving Their Employer's Health Plan

This takes quite a bit of planning and chorography. Terrie will give you a timetable, checklist, links, all the necessary information to enroll in Medicare, will explain what documents need to be obtained from your employer in order to avoid Late Enrollment Penalties. She’ll then tell you how these documents should be filed.

Terrie will then assist with choosing between a Medicare Supplement plan & Medicare Advantage plan. She’ll run all of your prescription drugs to make sure you are paying the lowest possible price.

After all of that, Terrie will enroll you in Medicare, making the transition as easy as possible.

For Those That Are New to The Area:

If you’ve relocated and need to make changes to your plan Terrie can assist you with that as well.

It’s important to know that you only have 2 months to change plans once you’ve moved. If you don’t have a list of doctors you’d like to use, Terrie can make suggestions for doctors that will be in your area.

With Terrie As Your Medicare Agent You Always Have An Advocate.

If you have billing questions from doctors offices, questions about your prescriptions or any other question, Terrie is always happy to verify that everything is correct.


Terrie lives in Montgomery and has been a part of the community for over a decade. She is a member of

Conroe United Methodist Church; her husband, Dante, is a Veteran; both of their sons are Eagle Scouts; both are Honor Students.

Terrie served for 2 years as Vice President of Communications and 2 years as President for The Montgomery County Aggie Moms Club. She now serves on the Board of The Montgomery County Aggie Moms Club in the positions of Past President.

Terrie is the Vice President of the Montgomery County A&M Club and is a member of The Rudder Association.  

Terrie enjoys volunteering as a Guest Speaker at Community Outreach Educational Medicare Workshops and with the Coat of Many Colors Ministry located within the Lone Star Community Center in Montgomery. She also sets up “Medicare Help Desks” in Senior Living Facilities to help answer Seniors’ questions about their Medicare plans.  




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At Your Medicare Made Easy, we make sure to give our clients the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. We’re proud to showcase the following testimonials from some of our valued clients, so you can see the type of work we do. Read what they’ve said about us and see for yourself how you too can benefit from our services.


Mariasole Reece - Google Review

Terrie Martin, with Your Medicare Made Easy, has been so amazing and absolutely indispensable when it came to my Healthcare. I highly recommend her, she is not only very attentive, she is incredibly knowledgeable and she truly cares about helping people find the right care and the best doctors that meet the highest standards. She won't forget who you are either, she doesn't just push a plan on you then move on to the next person. Terrie has made choosing a Medicare plan and finding the right doctors so much less painful because unlike any other health rep I have ever spoken to, she actually cares about the people she helps.

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Please feel free to reach out to us!

192 Lakeside Drive Montgomery, TX 77356


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